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As spring approaches I’m being asked about the garden, all the details were on my old account I lost so here’s a quick (it’s not quick) run down of how we built the snug, with photos.
Before: ask all the gods to gather all the hope, will and strength from the world into your soul, garden work is always, always harder than what you think!!
1, we levelled the ground, removing lots of concrete, it’s soul destroying, if we had money, this would have been the one thing I would have paid someone to do!
2, we built the fence, we have 3 neighbours, all resulting in different fences and different heights, we bought our garden in a foot each way to have all our own matching fences.
3, installed the posts to structure the snug, we concreted those in.
4, built the fence for the side of the snug and put the decking in
5, built the bar ? put a clear roof on and run electricity in.
6, painted the inside of the snug.
7, added heating and furniture.
This was done over a 2 year span as work stopped for a year due to funds and weather.
This year we hope to put faux grass down and a new patio, I think it’s important to remember that if you do your garden on a budget like us, what you don’t spend in money, you spend in time. (I wish we was rich?)