🖐🏼45+ SENSORY BAG IDEAS FOR BABIES, TODDLERS & PRESCHOOLERS🖐🏾 {link in bio} Sensory bags are a great way to entertain babies or toddlers while you get things done around the house. Here is a TIP: secure them to a place that is out of the way but where you can keep an eye on them while they play. Your baby or toddler will play with it for a little bit and then leave (their attentions spans are small but they can learn lots in those short periods) but they will come back to it again through out the day. Always check to make sure there are no leaks. Sensory bags can give you those few quick minutes while at home! Here is a fun mess-free sensory bag GREEN PEA SENSORY BAG! It’s perfect for babies and toddlers Here is a simple to make but oh so fun 😆 sensory 🖐🏽 bag using frozen green peas! The peas dance and bounce with every touch!! It's so mesmerizing to watch! Difficulty Level: Easy Mess Level: Low How To Make: frozen green peas and cold water. Mix in a gallon sized ziplock bag and seal and secure to the floor with duct tape! Be careful when using duct tape because it can damage surfaces. Another way to a secure the bag is to tape it to a sensory bin flipped upside down like a table. Put some books inside so it doesn’t move too much sideways. Check the blog for more details on this idea and 45 others! Age: 7 months+ _____________ PLaY🌈CReaTivEly #happytoddlerplaytime